Saturday, April 30, 2016

MTS's Clue The Musical Review

Clue The Musical is a fun quirky musical based off the board game by the same name. The play features all seven characters from the board game with the addition of the detective character.

Clue the musical is directed by Robb Anthony Sisneros. Sisneros did a fabulous job blocking out each scene. The production is performed in the round. Meaning the audience surrounds the stage. One issue that often occurs with this configuration is the actors can’t face the audience all the time, so the audience often feels ignored. But in Clue The Musical, I never felt ignored. This is the perfect show to do In The Round because the actors are constantly engaged with the audience. The minimalistic set design by Michael and Wendie Cutcher also worked well to ensure there wouldn’t be any sight line issues.    

The costume design by Shannon Scheffler added the perfect amount of color to the production. Scheffler was able to capture each character and bring them to life though there costumes. The acting was phenomenal as well. Each fitting there roles perfectly.

One thing that sets this musical apart from other musicals is you won’t find any of the songs stuck in your head after you watch it. In fact, I personally can’t tell you how any of the songs go. This is by no fault of MTS. The music was written by Galen Blum, Wayne  Barker, and Vinnie Martucci who were able to write music that was not memorable at all.

Over all, I think it was a fantastic show. I encourage anyone of any age to see it.           

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